Husbands Talking on X is for Show

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Husbands Talking on X is for Show

Hosts: Nico J Vasilo and Kevo Risse

Husbands Talking, More or Less, is back! …more or less. Following a very fruitful hiatus, husbands Nico and Kevo return with a new twist on their same brand of discussing and dissecting the media that shapes them, inspires them, and sometimes makes them want to make their heads against the wall. Combining with X Is For Show, HTML continues to follow Nico and Kevo as they keep their unique eye on media and culture through their LGBTQ- and inclusion-focused lens as they celebrate nerdom and geekery and progressive social culture. Joined now by TK, Jonah, and a whole assortment of friends and guests, there’s even more to discuss and dissect than ever before. Husbands Talking on X Is For Show promises to be an even more unforgettable experience with your favorite dynamic marriage.


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