Monkey Club Podcast

Monkey Club: A Podcast About Monkeys

Monkey Club with Chris and Chris

Hosts: Chris Mattiello and Christian Larson

Whether they’re climbing a skyscraper, playing a professional sport, or taking a road trip with a hapless human partner, Monkey Club with Chris and Chris, a podcast about monkeys, provides in-depth analysis of all your favorite cinematic simians and the movies they made famous. Join them every other week as they work their way through a century’s worth of the good, the bad, and the monkey!


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Latest Episode

  • Project XMonkey Club with Chris and Chris #010 – Project X (1987)
    Chris and Chris are joined by Dr. Dan Salerno to discuss the most pointless military program ever conceived, what made 80s movies so wonderful, and the absolute cutest little creature in film history (and no, we’re not talking about a young Matthew Broderick). Laughs […]