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The Contenders

Hosts: Tobin Addington and Aislinn Addington

The Contenders is a bi-weekly podcast about the movies made by and starring women who refuse to play by the rules. Join siblings Tobin and Aislinn Addington, along with a slew of guest hosts, as they celebrate and evaluate the work of some of the most daring women in film and shine a light on the unruly women of cinema. Hit subscribe and don’t miss an episode beginning February 6, 2018!


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Latest Episode

  • The Contenders #62 – Enough Said (2013)The Contenders #62 – Enough Said (2013)
    The Addington siblings share their love of 2013's low key romantic comedy “Enough Said” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. […]
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