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Now and Again

Hosts: Chris Podcasts and Nico J Vasilo

Join Chris and a rotating cast of friends (but usually Nico) as they wax nostalgic on the pop music that is forever bound to their memories of growing up weird. If you love talk about Ginuwine, Janet Jackson, and Tori Amos, this is the show you’ve been dreaming of. Each month, the guys break down a Now! That’s What I Call Music album. Join them on their trip down pop music’s memory lane.


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Latest Episode

  • Now! 16, Side BThe Now and Again Podcast #041 – Now! 16, Side B
    This month’s Now! 16 episode is entirely low notes, but since it starts with the lowest low notes of all, songs like “The Reason” come out actually sounding kind of good? Chris gets angrier than he ever has on the show, Nico draws a line between Three Days […]
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