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Hosts: Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi

Director by director. Film by film. Cinemakers steps behind the camera to follow directors from the start of their career to the present. Join Joey and Mike — along with a single guest per director — as they travel through time to follow directors from film to film. This podcast will (mostly) focus on directors who got their start since (roughly) 1990, but that’s subject to change (on a whim).


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Latest Episode

  • MosaicCinemakers: Steven Soderbergh #032 – Mosaic (2017/2018)
    Mosaic marks yet another innovation from the mind of Steven Soderbergh: a whodunnit mystery that you can experience through an interactive app or through a traditional TV season. Which way is better? How should you watch? Should you even bother? The short answers: yes, […]
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