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The Contenders

Hosts: Tobin Addington and Aislinn Addington

The Contenders is a bi-weekly podcast about the movies made by and starring women who refuse to play by the rules. Join siblings Tobin and Aislinn Addington, along with a slew of guest hosts, as they celebrate and evaluate the work of some of the most daring women in film and shine a light on the unruly women of cinema. Hit subscribe and don’t miss an episode beginning February 6, 2018!


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Latest Episode

  • Zero Dark ThirtyThe Contenders #006 – Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
    This one covers torture, but was it torture to sit through? Kyle Chandler… James Gandolfini… Chris Pratt… MARK DUPLASS?!?! And how much of the movie did Aislinn actually watch? Find out as we dive into Zero Dark Thirty, 2012’s Oscar contender from […]