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#KeanuClub: The Keanu Reeves Podcast

Hosts: Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi

Like a cool breeze over the mountains. After tackling Nicolas Cage, Joey and Mike returned to watch and discuss all of Keanu Reeves’ movies. Join them on this EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! After catching up on all of the films Keanu Reeves has made, they’re not resorting to some bogus journey — they’re here and ready to cover each and every new Keanu Reeves movie as they’re released.


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Latest Episode

  • The Golden Hot Dogs#KeanuClub: The Keanu Reeves Podcast #074 – The Golden Hot Dogs!
    After 72 episodes of movies, TV shows, and more, it’s time to honor the very best (and the very worst) of what #KeanuClub had to offer. From Going Great through To the Bone, we’ve nominated 35 movies, shows, and more (across 11 categories) that highlight the […]
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